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    Vidhu Shekhar

    Area Of Specialization: Economics

    About Me

    Post working as finance professional for 6 years (Hedge Funds, Private Equity), I have joined PhD program at IIM Calcutta to pursue my interests in Economics.

    Educational background:-

    • B.Tech(H), IIT Kharagpur, Aerospace Engineering (Proficiency Prize, 2004)
    • MBA, IIM Calcutta (Bharat Chamber of Commerce Medal, 2006)

    Work Experience:-

    • Investment Analyst, India & South East Asia team, QVT Financial LP (2010-2011)
    • Associate, Private Equity, New Vernon Capital (2007-2009)
    • Associate, Investment Banking, Edelweiss Capital (2006-2007)

    Research Interests:-

    Financial Economics, Monetary Policy, Rational Expectation

    Papers and Publications:

    “Pricing of Credit Default Swaps with counter-party risks using Copula approach”, IIM Lucknow’s Finance Research Journal Mudra, 2005

    “Modified Copula approach to CDS pricing: a neural network framework” Conference on Computational Finance, London, 2005

    “Inverse Airfoil Designing using Genetic Algorithms” All India Aerospace Engineering Seminar 2003 , IIT Bombay

    “Inverse Airfoil Optimization” All India Science Congress 2004, New Delhi