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    Adrija Majumdar

    Area Of Specialization: Management Information Systems

    About Me:-

    I am student of MIS group, IIM Calcutta.

    Educational background:-

    Institute Of Engineering and Management,Calcutta, B. Tech.(2011).

    Work Experience:-

    I worked as a Senior Research Assistant in the City University of Honk Kong, Kowloon, Honk Kong (April-July, 2016).

    2 years in Cognizant Technology Solutions ( 2011- 2013)

    I worked in the Insurance domain as a member of the development team. I specialized in the PEGA technology with successfully completing PEGA CSA (Certified System Architect) and PEGA CSSA (Certified Senior System Architect) certifications.

    Research Interests:-

    Social Media, Information Security, Privacy and Trust, E Commerce, Data mining, Earnings Management

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    Papers and Publications:


    Majumdar, Adrija , and Bose, Indranil. (2018). “My Words for Your Pizza: An Analysis of Persuasive Narratives in Online Crowdfunding”. Information and Management, 55(6), 781-794, Elsevier. Rated A* by ABDC

    Majumdar, Adrija , and Bose, Indranil. (2018). “DETECTION OF FINANCIAL RUMORS USING BIG DATA ANALYTICS: THE CASE OF THE BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE”. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce,28(2), 79-97, Taylor & Francis. Rated A by ABDC

    Adhikari, Arnab, Majumdar, Adrija , Gupta, Gaurav and Bisi, Arnab. (2018). “An innovative super-efficiency data envelopment analysis, semi-variance, and Shannon-entropy-based methodology for player selection: evidence from cricket”. Annals of Operations Research, 1-32, Springer. Rated A by ABDC


    * Agrawal, Khushboo, Majumdar, Adrija, and Sarkar, Uttam Kumar.”Life cycle of social fundraising campaigns”, Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS), Corfu, Greece, 2018. (Accepted)

    * Majumdar, Adrija, Bose, Indranil. “Demystifying the Factors that Impact the Success of Charitable Crowdfunding Postings” 16th Workshop on e-Business (WeB), December 2017, Seoul, South Korea. (Accepted and presented)

    * Majumdar, Adrija, Kuiti, Mithu Rani.”Applying Fuzzy AHP Technique to Select The Most Trusted E-Commerce Site”, 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii, 2017. (Accepted)

    * Majumdar, Adrija, Bose, Indranil. “An empirical investigation into the association of Tags and User engagement on Social Media.”4th Pan-IIM World Management Conference, 2016, December 13-15, IIM Ahmedabad, India.

    * Majumdar, Adrija, Bose, Indranil. “Privacy Calculus Theory and Its Applicability for Emerging Technologies ”14th Workshop on e-Business (WeB), December 2015, Fort Worth, Texas,USA.

    * Majumdar, Adrija, Debashis Saha, and Parthasarathi Dasgupta. “An analytical method to identify social ambassadors for a mobile service provider's brand page on Facebook.” Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC), 2015. IEEE,Calcutta, India.

    * Adhikari, Arnab, Majumdar, Adrija, and Gupta, Gaurav. “An Efficiency and Consistency Based Approach for Selecting the Best Cricket Team,”6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, 2016,March 8-10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    * Adhikari, Arnab, Majumdar, Adrija, Gupta, Gaurav, and Bisi, Arnab. “An Innovative Efficiency and Consistency based Player Selection method using DEA and Semi variance; An evidence from cricket,”19th Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management 2015, December, 11-13, IIM Calcutta, Calcutta, India.

    * Das, Subrata, Soma Das, Majumdar, Adrija, Parthasarathi Dasgupta, and Debesh Kumar Das. “Delay Estimates for Graphene Nanoribbons: A Novel Measure of Fidelity and Experiments with Global Routing Trees.” In Proceedings of the 26th edition on Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI. ACM, 2016, Boston, USA.

    Case Study

    Bose Indranil, Lahiri, Saikat, and Majumdar, Adrija. “MYTRAH ENERGY: DIVERSIFYING INTO SOLAR”, IIMC Case Research Centre


    Doctoral Colloquium

    Selected and presented Thesis “Understanding the Relationship between Firm’s Twitter Activity and Earnings Management” at the Seventh IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, Hyderabad, 2017.

    Presented the paper “Is there any relationship between Twitter Activity and Earnings Management” at the 4th Management Doctoral Colloquium and VGSoM Research Scholars' Day.


    Best Doctoral Paper Award” at the 6th PAN-IIM World Management Conference, organised by IIM Bangalore on December 13-15th, 2018.

    Best Paper Award” at the 4th Management Doctoral Colloquium and VGSoM Research Scholars' Day, organised by Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur on March 14-15th, 2018.

    Academic Services

    Teaching Assistant

    Strategic Business Intelligence, a second year PGDM elective course. (Academic year: 2015)


    Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques, a first year PGDCM course. (Academic year: 2015)


    Information & Management

    MCIS (2018)

    MIKE (2017)

    WITS (2015)

    PAN IIM Conference (2015)


    Association for Information Systems (AIS)


    Indian Classical and Semi Classical Music.