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    Mufsin Puthan Purayil

    Area of specialization : Public Policy & Management

    Educational background

    1. 2016 – PhD in Public Policy and Management (Pursuing since June 2016)

    2. 2014 – 2016 – M. Phil in Planning and Development. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. India. Thesis title: The Second-Level Digital Divide among Youth: A Case Study of Kannur District, Kerala (Overall Grade: 8.5/10).

    3. 2009 – 2014 – 5 years Integrated Masters (MA) in Sociology. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. India. (Overall Grade: 8.7/10).

    Awards & Grants

    1. 2019 - 2020 : DAAD Research Grant and Exchange Program

    Research Grant awarded by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) to Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.

    2. 2014 : University Gold Medal

    Won the Gold Medal from University of Hyderabad for securing First Rank in 5 years Integrated Masters (MA) in Sociology

    3. 2014 : Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Merit Award

    Received merit award from Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund for securing first position in IMA (Sociology) Examination held by University of Hyderabad in the year 2013-14.

    4. 2013 :Junior Research Fellowship, (JRF)

    Qualified University Grant Commission’s Junior Research Fellowship (funding for 5 years) and Eligibility for Assistant Professor

    Positions of Responsibility:-

    1. Elected Department Council Representative of M.Phil students in IIT Bombay (2015 to 2016)

    2. Teaching Assistant in IIT Bombay (2014 to 2016).

    3. Elected Student Representative (Sociology Department) at Masters Level in University of Hyderabad (2013 to 2014)

    Research Interests:-

    Labour migration, work & organization, sociology of networks, South Asian history & politics, Critical Management Studies (CMS).


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    (2) Mufsin Puthan Purayil (Co-authored with Muhsin PP) (2020). “Return Migration amidst a Pandemic: Reflections on Kerala’s Gulf Migration”. Journal of Migration Affairs, Vol. III (1): 99-107.

    (3) Mufsin Puthan Purayil (Co-authored with Manish Thakur) (2020): “The 'economic' in Indian Sociology: Genealogies, Disjunctions, and Agenda

        (Forthcoming in //Sociological Bulletin//, SAGE).

    (4) Mufsin Puthan Purayil (Co-authored with Bhaskar Chakrabarti and Manish Thakur) (2021) “Studying Bureaucracy in Post-Colonial India: The Normative and the Quotidian”, Journal of Anthropological Survey of India (SAGE)

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    1. Presented paper (titled ‘Communitarian Ties as Strategic Economic Resource: A Study of Job Seeking and Mobility among Kerala Emigrants’ ) at the Modern South Asian History Research Seminar, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany (January, 2020).

    2. Participated in the International workshop (‘Formalisation, Informalisation and the Labour Process: Comparative Perspectives’), co-organized by International Center for Advanced Studies and CeMIS , Gottingen, Germany. (November 2019).

    3. Successfully completed the residential International Winter Course “Human Rights and Asia 2019” at Seoul National University Human Rights Center, Seoul, South Korea (January 2019).

    4. Presented paper (titled “Planning for Sustainable Futures: What is Wrong with India’s Slum Rehabilitation Policies?”) in the British Academy Writing Workshop, co-organized by Birmingham University and the South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal and Human Rights Studies (SAILS), held in Dhaka, Bangladesh (October 2018).

    5. “A Tale of Mediated Ties: Digital Job Search and Social Capital among the Mappila Emigrants of Southern India”, paper presented at the International conference Migrant Belongingness: Digital Practices and the Everyday, 21-23 April, 20, Organized by Utrecht University, Netherlands and Connecting Europe.

    6. “In Pursuit of a Better Livelihood: Job Search and Transnational Migration among the Mappilas of South India”, paper presented at the 10th Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology, 25-29 January 2021 Organized by the University of Vienna, Austria.


    7. Presented paper (titled “Citizens as Customers: ‘Welfare’ in New Forms of Governance”) in National Seminar on “Sustainable Development Goals and Building Future India”, Organized by Center for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, the University of Hyderabad in collaboration with ICSSR-SRC, Hyderabad, India ( March 2019).

    8. Presented paper (titled “The Age of Authoritarian Developmentalism: Some Implications for Liberal Democracies”) in a Winter School organized by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung & South Asian University, Delhi, India (November-December 2018).

    9. Presented paper (titled “The Discourse of Skill in India: Furthering the Neoliberal Agenda?”) in the International Conference on Public Policy Affairs held in Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, India (September 2018).

    10. Successfully completed the Orientation Program on Migration organized by Centre for Development Practice and Research, TISS Patna, India (December to February, 2019).

    11. Successfully completed the Methodological Workshop on Labour and Development, co-organized by the French Institute of Pondicherry and the department of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Pondicherry University, India (December 2018).