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    Priyanshu Gupta

    Public Policy & Management

    About Me

    Over 8 years of corporate professional experience in impact investing, strategy and operations consulting. Previously, Associate Vice President at Lok Capital, a leading social venture capital fund focused on investing in for-profit social enterprises with personal focus on financial inclusion, skill development and employability solution enterprises. Prior to Lok, as strategy and operations consultant at A.T. Kearney Limited worked on multiple consulting engagements including business transformation & strategy formulation for a leading rural retail venture in India and the launch strategy of a pan-India telecom operator. Deep interest in the development sector in India, exploring multiple facets of socio-economic development through extensive full-time and part-time experience. Most recently, engaged in field experience in Chhattisgarh working on implementation of Forest Rights Act and impact of mining & consequent displacement on forest-dependent tribal societies.

    Educational background:-

    B.Tech Electrical Engineering, IIT BHU Varanasi (2001-05)

    PGDM, IIM Bangalore (2006-08)

    Work Experience:-

    Management Consultant, A.T. Kearney Limited

    Associate Vice President, Lok Capital (impact investing)

    Research Interests:-

    Property Rights, Resource Contestations, Political Economy, Land & Forest Rights, Agrarian Distress

    Papers and Publications:

    Gupta, P., & Babu, R. R. (2018). International Posturing amidst Domestic Neglect: India’s Agricultural Policy Examined. World Trade Review (a Journal of the WTO).

    Gupta, P., & Goyal, A. (2018). Coal Auctions: A Facade of Good Governance? Economic & Political Weekly, 53(28), 14–18.

    Gupta, P., & Roy-Chowdhury, A. (2017). Harnessing Gram Sabhas to Challenge State Profligacy in Chhattisgarh. Economic & Political Weekly, 52(48), 58–63.

    Gupta, P., & Thakur, M. (2017). The Changing Rural-agrarian Dominance: A Conceptual Excursus. Sociological Bulletin, 66(1), 42–57.

    Gupta, P. (2016). Review of India Rural Development report 2013-14. Decision, 43(1), 105–111.