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    G. V. S. B. Sarada Devi

    Area Of Specialization: Strategic Management

    About Me

    Sarada is a student of the Fellow Program in Strategic Management at IIM Calcutta, India. She has defended her dissertation proposal and is currently working on her thesis. Her interests are primarily in the areas of the Base of the Pyramid, and sources of competitive advantage. She worked for 10 years in the IT sector in various roles. She worked as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Testing Outsourcing Consultant and in Pre-sales support. Her work led her to close interactions with competing IT firms which spurred her interest in questions like the reasons for differences between firms, the organizational boundaries, impact of knowledge management systems and innovation.

    She enjoys listening to Carnatic classical music, reading, and traveling.

    Educational background:-

    • B. Tech. (Civil Engineering) from IIT Kanpur - 1994-1998
    • M.B.A. from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University - 2000-2002

    Research Interests:-

    • Innovations at the Base of the Pyramid
    • Sources of competitive advantage
    • Interfaces between the formal and informal economy
    • Relationship between corporate parents and business units

    Papers and Publications:

    Conference Papers

    Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada

    • Title: Revisiting the Conundrum for Explaining Business Segment Performance Variance: Evidence from India
    • Authors: Sarada Devi Gadepalli, Arindam Mondal, Prof. Sougata Ray

    AIB 2015 Annual Meeting, in Bengaluru, India

    • Title: Comparison of corporate headquarters influence on segment performance variance between domestic firms and MNE affiliates
    • Authors: Sarada Devi Gadepalli, Arindam Mondal
    SMS India Conference 2013, Mohali
    • Title: Micro finance Organizations – Paragons or Pariahs?
    • Authors: Sarada Devi Gadepalli, Bikramjit Ray Chaudhuri
    • Title: Corporate Sustainability Performance Measurement System: A Critical Review and Development of a Comprehensive Framework
    • Authors: Bikramjit Ray Chaudhuri, Sarada Devi Gadepalli


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